Golkar Sepahan Co., producer of sheet, billet and copper plates

Golkar Sepahan Company was established in May of 1988 with the purpose of satisfying the country’s industrial need for copper sheets and ingots. By utilizing the experience of its founders and the knowledge of its young expert personnel, the company has been able to take an effective step towards achieving the industrial goals of the country.

A large portion of the company’s products are used in the electrical industries, electroplating, thermal and refrigeration, handicrafts, gaskets and decoration as well as the production of kitchen utensils.

Best Quality

The products of Golkar Sepahan Co. are known in the country and all products of this company have a warranty.

Over thirty years of effort

Galkar Sepahan Co. from 1988 to today has been a leader in the field of improving productivity and lowering consumer spending by using expert advisors.

Specialist Force

The expert force is the largest capital of Golkar Sepahan Co. and has been able to distinguish this company from others.

تقدیر از مرحوم عبدالصمد گلکار

Company History

In 1961, the late Abdul Samad Golkar founded a casting and rolling workshop to produce copper sheets for making handmade copper cookware. After several years, the decision was made to convert the workshop into a manufacturing company. For this purpose, Golkar Sepahan was established in 1988 in the Najafabad Industrial Zone of Isfahan Province. In 2004, following a change in management and shareholders, the company modernized its method of production and began to produce copper sheets by utilizing specialized scientific methods and employing expert engineers.

  • Paying serious attention to the health, safety and satisfaction of the company’s most valuable assets, its personnel.
  • Performing the work of the company with integrity and devotion in order to provide a unique product.
  • Placing a high value on the preservation of the environment.
  • Making economic decisions based on the needs of the public.
  • Prioritizing teamwork over the individual.